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Carly’s Ghost

By Peggy Tibbets Reviewed by Jeannette Angell Publisher: Press-TIGE Publishing ISBN: 1999 Genre: Children’s/Mystery In “Carly’s Ghost,” a children’s-to-young-adult novel by Peggy Tibbetts, twelve-year-old Carly Baillie moves with her family into a log cabin that apparently came pre-inhabited – by a ghost that has kept the house empty for two years! No one in town wants to mention... read more

Review of The Tail Of The SeaWitch

By Wendy Maree Peterson Reviewed by: Renée Faucher Publisher: Twighlight Times Books Publication: September 2002 Genre: Children’s/YA Fantasy Format: Ebook ISBN: 1-931201-18-8 Buy this Book! In the “Tail of the Sea Witch” by Wendy Maree Peterson, Marina is an eleven-year-old girl who lives on the north coast of Australia. She is a very whimsical pre-teen who names her bicycle “Sir... read more