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Okay, here we go.

Dark water lapped the muddy shore of the Tahuayo River stirring the giant lily pads with an easy rhythm. Enormous palms lined the embankment, their torn fronds quivering in the wind, surrendering to malevolent hordes of sharp mandibles. Below, among the pale knots of roots, moved the slow and slimy things of the jungle, never more than a spasm away from the refuge of the water. Clicks and grunts swirled through the underbrush. wet, hairy, unbeknown beasts poked at the mud with wrinkled pink noses and rigid whiskers. A circus of the decayed, of the rotten, feeding on the paralyzed existence within this primordial soup.

Now, does this make you want to read more or do you want to throw it away? Honest feedback please. No sugar. lol