Love Potion

by Linda Joy Singleton

Lacey felt like one of Mac Beth’s witches, chanting about bubbles, toil, and trouble as she mixed Amore Aroma. Only instead of a huge dark caldron, she was mixing her brew in a broken coconut shell. And instead of a boiling mist, she had a handful of soggy, sticky muddy, rose petals.

And this was supposed to be a love spell?

She glanced around her bedroom, glad she had a lock on her door. If anyone walked in right now they would think she had gone bonkers! And maybe she had.

The willow branch snapped in two, so she continued stirring with half a branch. Roses and honey were both natural and lovely scents by themselves. But the strange Loykiki leaf added a heavy, earthy aroma. The aroma of love.

The mixture looked lumpy and slimy. All that was left was the odd chant. Lacey found the directions and read then out loud:

“A heart, like a rose, is bright and true,
Add honey for sweetness, and hope anew,
Sky tears shower on blood-red soil,
Go forward, rejoice, in love ever-loyal.

Now what? Lacey wondered. Will Travis come instantly to his senses, forget about Nicole, and race to my doorstep?

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