Phantom Boyfriend

by Linda Joy Singleton

Kelly reached for the door knob, but it was either jammed or locked. She jiggled it a few times and even kicked the door. That did it. The knob turned and she stepped inside the dimly lit storage room.

“Justin,” she called out eerily, waiting for her eyes to adjust. She fumbled on the wall for a switch, but couldn’t find one. All she could see was the shadowy outlines of stacked boxes and a white skeletal object that turned out to be a broken toilet.

She tried calling again. “Justin, are you in here?”

But there was no reply.

So where is he? Kelly wondered with annoyance.

She turned back toward the door and stumbled over a metal pipe. Her arms flailed out and she managed to keep her balance, but the pipe slid forward and smacked hard against the door–shutting it.

Kelly straightened up and reached for the knob. She twisted and turned it, again and again, but the door wouldn’t budge. “Hey!” she cried, banging on the door. But the storage room was so far down the hall no one could hear her. Frustrated and fighting not to cry, Kelly sank to the floor.

She was trapped in Papa Ronny’s storage room. If she didn’t escape she would miss her date with Justin. Again!

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