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The Author Connection provides authors with free promotional space where readers can learn more about them and their work. Authors who are interested in participating in the free Author Connection program must read the rules and the non-exclusive agreement below.

Author Connection Rules of Play

  • By participating in the Author Connection you will be given a one page spread within this program to include your picture, biography, current releases and contact information. No author will be given more than one page, even if they write under multiple names.
  • You may include a second name in the aka field that will be listed under your name.
  • You may submit your photo and a banner for your website (if applicable) to be placed on your page. No other graphics will be allowed. Please note that we may resize graphics.
  • The information you provide must follow word count stipulations where indicated. Yes, we do count words. Failure to follow guidelines may result in missing or cut information.
  • You will be responsible to provide The Fiction Forum with any information you would like updated via the add/update info page.
  • Listings will remain on The Fiction Forum website until either party (the site administrators or the author) wishes it to be removed. Authors may remove their listing via the add/update info page.
  • Changes to listings may take up to 30 days.
  • Failure to follow Rules or Agreement Terms may result in removal of listing.

Terms for Author Connection Participation

Acceptance Of Terms – The Fiction Forum is provided to you free of charge under these Terms, which may be updated without notice to you.

Participation Information – You agree to provide accurate, true and complete information about yourself and your work. The Fiction Forum reserves the right to suspend or remove your listing should the information provided by you fail to follow these guidelines.

Termination – The Fiction Forum reserves the right, at its sole discression, to immediately, without notice suspend or terminate your participation with The Fiction Forum. You may terminate your listing at any time. Remove of material may take up to 30 days.

Disclaimer of Warranties – You expressly agree that use of The Fiction Forum and all services and events is at your sole risk. The Fiction Forum makes no warranties to the content, service, events or availability of The Fiction Forum.

Submitting Your Listing

By submitting your request to be added to the Author Connection via email you are agreeing to all the rules and terms above. Please submit all of the following information to

General Information:

  • Name
  • Aka (other names you may write under)
  • Biography (limit 100 words)

Current Releases (you may list up to 5 titles):

  • Title
  • Link to purchase page
  • Brief description (limit 40 words)

Contact Information:

  • Email
  • Web site url (limit 3)

Graphics – do not attach graphics, instead send the web page url in which graphics can be copied! Graphics must be G rated.

  • Photo url (limit 1)
  • Banner url (limit 1)

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