Myra Nour

Myra Nour - Author of romantic fantasy bovels

“I’ve always loved reading Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance novels, so I was doubly thrilled when my favorites were finally combined some years ago into the Futuristic and Paranormal categories.

“My first novel, Love’s Captive is a futuristic, but I also have many exciting ideas for Time Travel adventures and several books set in a primitive, Post World War III Earth.”


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Love’s Captive -1st book in the trilogy of Volarn

Abducted by aliens, Serena is whisked off to a fairytale world of 7′ warriors, blue grasses, and unicorns.

“Demon Killer” from the Shifters anthology – Tales of the Paranormal

In Myra’s novella, Demon Killer, can Azra, a fairy/human mix, save her son from the demon seed flowing through his veins, or must she slay him?

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