Patricia Waddell

Patricia Waddell - Author of multiple novels including A Gentleman’s Bargain

Patricia Waddell writes both historical and futuristic romance and is multi-published author with both Kensington, Dorchester, and LionHearted.

Current Releases

A Gentleman’s Bargain

Claire Aldrich is out of money and short on time. After three weeks in San Francisco, desperately searching for her wayward brother, Claire’s rent is due and she’s forced to look for employment.

A Stylish Marriage

When feisty suffragette Regina Van Buren meets her newest neighbor, she’s forced to admit a certain attraction for the gentleman, but Jonathan Belmont Parker is the last man she’d consider marrying.

Diamond in the Rough

It’s 1883 and Olivia St. John has just arrived in Cape Town, South Africa. She can scarce believe that the adventure of the ocean voyage has ended, only to have a more daring adventure begin.

The Alliance

Lord Reuel Shatar, the handsome governor of the planet Pyrali is duty bound to take a wife. His choice is to blackmail a beautiful dissident into marriage or have the House of Shatar fall into disgrace.

Whipsers in the Stars

Zara, Queen of Nubria, is more than a political monarch, she’s the high priestess of her world’s religion. She’s only considered an enemy by the Unity Council. As punishment for her defiance, she’s commanded to marry a Commander in the Galactic Guard, or forfeit her throne.

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