About Our Reviews

We do not accept reviews from outside sources. All of our reviews are staff written.
We have a talented staff that includes authors, journalists, technical writers, editors, and students. Therefore, bios of all staff reviewers are available on the Meet The Staff page.

Our reviewers are encouraged to judge a book independently of an author’s lifestyle, religion, or race.

We do not accept reprints or rewrites of previously published reviews:
If an author submits a book for review to The Fiction Forum, he or she will receive a “fresh” review from one of our very competent staff members.

Our reviews are unbiased. The editorial staff discourages reviewers from accepting book assignments for those authors to whom they might have some personal connection. We also do not “hire” family members of authors on the list.

The Fiction Forum uses a Five Star Rating System.

In addition:

All reviews are voluntary: our reviewers choose their own assignments. Therefore, there is no set time-period guaranteed for a book review.

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