Confidential Communications by J.R. Reardon

Book title: Confidential Communications by J.R. Reardon

Genre: Legal Thriller/Fiction

Release Date: June, 2008

Publisher: Xlibris



Rebecca Lawson, a young general-practice attorney in Vermont, expected to expand her practice when she was hired by Allan Richards to investigate a suspicious employee. Instead, she finds herself amidst national and international conspiracies, manipulations, and murder.

With the help of an old colleague from Boston, Joshua Tameron, she learns that the financial security and innocent citizens of the United States are in imminent danger, and it is up to them to expose the truth.

Confidential Communications is a legal thriller that takes the reader on a ride which evaluates the vulnerability of us all while witnessing the downfall of greed.

About J.R. Reardon

Boston native, Suffolk University Law School alum, and former partner of Saltzman & McNaught LLP, J.R. Reardon has practiced in many areas including civil and criminal litigation. She has taught insurance law with her father and is published in the Suffolk University Law Review.

Reardon is admitted to practice in the federal and state courts of Massachusetts, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court. She is also active in several legal associations in both Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.

ISBN13 Hardcover: 978-1-4363-3588-1

ISBN13 Softcover: 978-1-4363-3587-4

Published by Xlibris.

Available at:

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