Bragging Writes FAQs

:: What are Bragging Writes?

Bragging Writes are a feature originally published in The Fiction Forum Review. Similar to New Releases, Bragging Writes are a free promotional opportunity. However, unlike the New Releases program, Bragging Writes are open to writers of all levels, genres, and publication experience. Therefore, if you are a nonfiction writer who has a new web site, send the address to us to publish in the Bragging Writes!

:: Who’s eligible to participate?

Anyone who has taken a step up in their pursuit of writing professionally. If you landed your first client, signed a contract with an agent, cold-called an editor, posted a web site, or sold a short story, you have Bragging Writes!

:: Why send my anecdote or announcement to Bragging Writes?

It’s self-promotion. It’s free. Need I say more?

:: If I published a book recently, can I submit it here?

If it’s fiction, poetry, or an instructional book on writing, please see our New Releases program. If it’s nonfiction, you may submit it to the Bragging Writes since you would not be eligible for our New Releases program.

:: How do I submit something for consideration?

Send us your information using the contact form on the “Contact Us” page. Include “bragging writes” in the subject line.

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