The Young Dream

Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen. – Willa Cather My understanding of this quote by Ms. Cather is that “basic material” is the natural talent that we are born with—that skill that is inherent to us—as well as our childhood experiences. I remember sitting in the back of my parents car with a notebook and pen when I was around eight.  I remember the feeling... read more

Keep the Light On

I was hesitant to write this, but I wanted to help and encourage other writers, so I decided to admit this and make myself vulnerable: I cried this week. But, not only did I cry, I sobbed—big, gulping sobs filled with heartache. I recently completed my first novel.  I’ve had a couple of my articles published in a multicultural magazine, and one on a children’s e-zine, but this was the first book I’d ever... read more