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A Change In Perspective

by Julie Wilson A change in perspective will do you and your writing some good. It keeps you on your toes. Being a little uncomfortable, a little less certain, challenges you to right yourself according to new rules. I used to have a writing teacher whose lifelong goal was to walk through all worlds freely and yet confident of who she was at her core. Writing what you know means getting out and learning... read more

Reading Aloud

by Julie Wilson I used to think that public readings alienated the writer from the audience because it infused too much performance into what should naturally leap from the page. Chances are, though, you’re going to end up reading your stuff out loud. And while as writers we may inhabit our characters, we’re not necessarily actors. Nonetheless, we should prepare as if we are. I just gave my... read more

“Best Wishes, J. sernaise”

by Julie Wilson My Grade Nine math teacher was a reserved man who mumbled in hushed tones barely audible above the wheeze of his sneakers and the quick zip of his corduroys. We knew Mr. Sernasie – Mr. Sernasie-Sir – could speak louder; we’d all heard the occasional spat coming from the staff room. I wondered if his subtle demeanour was a ploy, meant to force our attentions to the front... read more

Freeform Eyes

In college, I had a falling out with a female instructor over some things I wrote in my journal for her writing class. I considered her my first real mentor. Unfortunately, she criticized the content of my writing rather than the style. In my journal, I wrote about my every day concerns that included male-female friendships as well as thoughts about living an intellectually aware, though questioning,... read more

Writer’s Doubts – Angst of the Creative Mind

Do you ever feel that someone’s going to find out that you’re just a fake and everyone will know you can’t write after all? One of my writer friends wrote lately that she battles such fears all the time. I believe that writer’s doubt is something we all go through because this society values money rather than creativity…if creative pursuits make money then they’re valuable.... read more