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The Tail of The Sea Witch

I once knew a sea witch. Honest! But she’s gone away to sea, now, as she always said she would. I wish she’d come back. When I look out across the ocean and see a patch of green, green water, I remember her eyes. And when I see the sun turn crimson-gold at sunset, I think of her masses of hair. It was the same pretty colour; roseamberine, she called it. (She pronounced it ro-zeem-ber-een.) I... read more


by Mary E. Trimble As the late afternoon slowly turned to evening, she ate from her meager food supply. Her spirits plunged again. She would be all alone tonight. All alone forever. An empty, lonely future yawned before her. She sat up with a little fire as long as she could. Her laundry of shirt and panties hung on sticks near the flames. She didn’t want to go to bed too early, afraid she would... read more

Phantom Boyfriend

by Linda Joy Singleton Kelly reached for the door knob, but it was either jammed or locked. She jiggled it a few times and even kicked the door. That did it. The knob turned and she stepped inside the dimly lit storage room. “Justin,” she called out eerily, waiting for her eyes to adjust. She fumbled on the wall for a switch, but couldn’t find one. All she could see was the shadowy... read more


by Linda Joy Singleton Published by New Concepts Publishing SECRET MISSION…Melissa is in deep trouble if she doesn’t make the best mission project in her 4th grade class. Popsicle sticks, cardboard, wood, styrofoam, molding clay–all great materials for building a scale-model of a historical mission, but not good enough for Melissa. When she writes to the mission, she receives printed... read more


by Linda Joy Singleton … It wasn’t fair that the boys always won. Just once I’d love to score the winning point for the girls’ team. . By the weekend, I was ready to forget school. No homework, only a few chores, and lots of time for Nintendo, reading, TV and basketball. I planned to practice my hoop shot over and over, until I got it right. But on Saturday afternoon, my B-ball plans... read more