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The Secret To A Successful Writing Career

By Stephen Hart I have discovered how you can be successful in your writing career. It works regardless of the type of writing you’ve chosen as your career path. If you want to be published, this will help you. If you need to get over writer’s block, this will speed you past the hurdles. If you need to handle rejections with less tears, this will dry your eyes. And the best part is, it’s... read more

Cooking Up A Mystery

by Barbara Pearson Arau author of Someone’s in the Kitchen With Dinah I’ve been writing since I can remember, from barely-one-act plays in our garage featuring a cast of heavily bribed neighborhood kids, to awkward but heartfelt Mother’s Day poems lovingly penned in turquoise crayon. I’ve been cooking practically as long; I can remember baking cakes in tiny tins, using leftover... read more

Beginning Writer’s FAQs

By Myra Nour 1. How do I get started? This can be a tough one and will take more than a paragraph to answer; so this is addressed in an article called “Starting Your First Novel” by Dawn Seewer. 2. Do I need a pen name? It’s up to you whether you choose a pen name or use your own. Reasons for a pen name: Some names “feel” too plain, as in my own Mary, so I changed it to Myra;... read more

Starting Your First Novel

by Dawn Seewer You wake up one morning with a wonderful idea for a book. You let the idea play in your head for several hours, several days, several weeks, several years. Finally you decide to get that story down onto paper. You switch on the computer, open up a new document, or grab a pen and blank sheet paper. You’re ready to write, but nothing happens. Frustrated, you sit back in your chair,... read more