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To Hire A Designer, THAT Is The Question

provided by Novella Studios Web design is an art all in it’s own and it takes someone with talent and experience to really create an effective and appealing design. So unless you’ve got both the talent and the experience you’re better off letting a professional designer handle the enormous task of creating on online image for you. You might be thinking, well I’ve got a computer, I... read more

The Cover Letter: Your Ticket In or The Kiss of Death?

By Dawn Seewer A new submission arrives on the editor’s desk Monday morning, adding to the already teetering mountain of work to be considered for publication. Each submission holds the promise of an informative article or edge-of-your-seat story. But before the editor even considers the manuscript in question, she will first reach for the cover letter. As she begins to pour over the first few... read more

Believe In Your Words

by Myra Nour For “young writers” who may be hesitant in submitting your material to magazines, to critique/partners, sending excerpts to web sites, or not even allowing friends to read your stories: there comes a time when you must be open to possible criticism; for if not, you may be cutting yourself off from positive feedback as well…the fertilizer, so to speak, of an aspiring writers growth. All... read more

How Do I Cope With Rejection?

by Myra Nour A common remark to this question, is, develop a tough skin. Well, better said than done! You do have to TRY not to take it personally, which sounds contradictory because this story is your “baby”. But, remember many magazines & book publishers receive hundreds…thousands of submissions. You will find some editors who may like something about your work & others who clearly... read more

Setting up a Manuscript Submission page

by Myra Nour Find out how to set up the pages of your manuscript for submission. Type your “real name” & address on the upper left; then the rights you’re selling on upper right margin (check Writers Market for specifics), followed by approximate word count. Last, put your copyright; the symbol can be done by hand or on the computer. To insert the symbol using a word processing... read more