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    ok, right off the bat – i did not grow up reading or writing. my parents didnt read to me and i never stived to read a book, never. so keep that in mind – reading and writing was not in my childhood.

    imagination and story making was. before i was ten i was making up stories in my head. i would replay scenes over and over asking many character questions. years later i found out thats called backstory or character background. 

    from pre-teen years to adult hood i kept making up stories, very heavy on characters and background, though i still didnt know what ‘background’ was and making sure everything was consistant. i had an early understanding of the way stories work.

    so there, a life of constant imagination of stories. 

    so heres the problem. when i turned thirty the thought struck me to take my life long story making up experiance and start writing books.

    at first it was a great idea. i began to get ideas like never before. these new ideas were stronger in the sense they could fill an entire book. they were bigger, more in depth and again just plain stronger. the ideas wont stop coming. some of them fade but most of them last and flourish with mulitple story threads.

    but then it hit me. dont know books! and i didnt grow up reading like every author out there has or at least the ten billion that i googled. i also didnt grow up writing. so i stopped.

    i stopped because i feel like an imposter. i want to write and i did find a couple of genres that i like reading but all of my ideas are what they call ‘reality fiction’ but i only like to read speculation and fantisy. so all my writing has been on hold because i feel like a fake.

    i do have an imagination and i somehow know stories but im starting to feel like it was never meant for writing but instead im just a thirty year old who never really grew up. 

    ive been to other forums and they all say the same thing – if you didint grow up reading and writing then you missed out on something vital to be a writer – and they also say -musicians grew up listening to music and its the same thing. so in short i feel like im chasing a dream thats not mine to chase or that im trying to put myself into a world that i dont belong.

    thank you.    


    Short answer: of course you should.


    I didn’t grow up programming, but I do now. For a living…


    I think the art of writing is something you are born with. Of course it helps if you read and write a lot but if you have the natural talent for this kind of stuff I think you should definitely go for it and if it doesn't work well atleast you tried!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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