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    If demon doesn't want to end up with failure, he will come back and back again.


    I got a book, talked about the story of demon and his underground army, but this time I will stand aside with them, I bet your guys would make the some decision.


    The book has been divided into three volumes: The Demon’s New Destiny, Back to the Bright Land and The Rebirth from Desperation.


    The Demon’s New Destiny:


    At the last moment demon Kant was about to be defeated by human, he opened a magic time gate and send a messenger through, aim to return to the past to change his fate. The demon wants a different life ending.


    Time flash back, a poor farmer named Kant who always lives in a normal life, knight’s story along with his growing and that’s what he dreamed to be, until he met someone, he met friend who’s going to be his biggest enemy in his life, he met his future enemy who’s going to be his lifelong soul mate.


    Then everything changed, destiny pushes him to a certain direction. He’s been killed for saving his love, he’s dead body corrupts day by day, but some kind of great dark power was growing up inside him, it’s the demon’s soul was waking up. Even he can accept the demon’s power and let the demon occupy his own mind, one valuable thing to him is he’s still kept his human faith and fight hard to this power.


    To bring his dead body back to life, he tried so many ways: he went to the future to find the greatest enchanter, but he saw his demon’s ending and people there hunted him as an undead; he run off back time again, the world’s been in chaos and war’s began to explode, some underground dark army has been coming out to human’s world; he went to the top of snow mountain to find the last bright knight of mankind, seeking for help to kill the demon’s soul inside, in his dream or maybe demon’s dream he saw this world’s history and began to understand the origin of the war.


    Back to the Bright Land:


    This volume is about underground world, is about the dark army, and is about the undead. And it’s also about our human, about our sin.


    Thousand years ago, the great dark army was same as us by living under the same sky with us, after human race win the war we banished them and drove them into ground. From their first generation, all their dreams were about back to ground. And the war has been launched again and again, zillions of solider dies, thousands of captains run out their last drop of blood, but they never lost the demon’s faith “BACK TO THE BRIGHT LAND”.


    About the undead race, they are just bunch of skeletons, zombies or evil soul can’t get rest. Their race was getting bigger and bigger by turning dead army’s bodies into undead, and the big priest is their highest commander, who’s ambitious to dominate the whole underground world, and destroy any living creature.


    Since three hundred years ago the last demon has been defeated by human’s 12 bright knights and his soul has been sealed, the remained dark army went back to underground again. Fear and desperation covered all race’s people around, and it’s still not easy for them to take time to adjust, they have to look for a shelter from the undead, at the meantime they also worried about these wicked undead will threat their survival.


    There are always some dark army was not agreed that let an undead evil ghost to take place of their demon and also decide their race’s future. They fight, and then there will be squelching, but this time the squelching was from their own race, it’s the priest’s order. It’s really hard to watch them killing their own brothers, but they have to, they have to obey the order to keep their race remaining, their toleration was just for waiting the demon wakes up and leads them back to the bright land.


    The livings carried the pain never less than those dead, and their war is much harder than we can imaged. Finally the dark race was going to their vital moment, underworld was no longer safe for them, they have to bring those last clansmen to the ground, and there is no way to turn around.


    This would be the hardest war for them, in large inferior they have to dealing with millions of undead along the journey until they come out the land, every battle was decisive they have to fight to death, and they can’t lose any of them.


    On the ground, human’s kingdom fallen apart, people anywhere build up their fence and make themselves king. Kant joined one of them, but he can’t let people see his true face, so he always hides himself in armors and covered his face with a mask. With his special attractiveness he met some friends who are not human; they used their magic power to crush all the countries, and made this kingdom back to integrity again. With honor our Kant became the first bright knight of new age, now he’s actually much closer to the destiny.


    The Rebirth from Desperation:


    Five years for us maybe just a moment, but for the dark army or Kant, it should be the longest period in their life.


    Through five years war, the dark army finally got out the ground. The moment they saw the first light no one closed their eyes, they just let the bright light burning their eyes, this made them believe, believe they did it – back to the bright land. Now those survivals are the best of the best in their race, five years fighting made each of them warriors. And their final station will be the cradle of their ancestor – the grassland, it’s behind the forest of elf, they would destroy anything who tries to stop them going there.


    Our knight Kant, in five years he lead his army conquest each place which try to against him, because his biggest power people all scared of him. Now he’s already became the new demon of human, his heart was cold stone and never cared about any life anymore, he don’t even care about the war between human and dark army.


    Today he brought his army to the forest of elf, and he met his long lost friends there. Standing at the two side of destiny they taste love, power and ambition, now they face their choices. Kant made a deal with the demon and saved the world but finally he can’t save himself, fate’s still fate.


    The ending of demon Kant wasn’t changed for us, but for him, it was rebirth, and the world is no longer the same as before.


    Guys, how much do you like this story….

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