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    It's XI century. A secret brotherhood of immortal magicians has been growing in number and power for more than 1300 years. When the youngest and most gifted, among them named Vinezardeh, disobeys their rules and falls in love with a mortal princess, he finds himself standing alone against the brotherhood. On the eve of his wedding thanks to his unlimited power he becomes witness to a treacherous plot in which his beloved princess is involved. With a broken heart and unable to die so to stop his anguish, Vinezardeh lock's himself up in his mountain castle and casts a spell on himself. Thousand years later in the beginning of the XXI century an ordinary girl seeking refuge finds herself in Vinezardeh's enchanted castle and awakes him. But is he ready to return to life after so many years, when the world he knows is gone? And for what will he use his unlimited power for when his heart is full of disappointment and mistrust?


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    PS. The book “In the Name of Love” is the introduction to “Saga of Immortal Magicians”. I would like to say few words about it.


    Everything began 2368 years ago at the dawn of our civilization, when Destiny called five young people, who were from opposite ends of the world to meet in the capital of a young and bold barbarian queen Lorentina. The queen and her astrologer Bokimelie were keen to discover the hidden secrets of the universe, so they welcomed the wise Miteralius, who had spent a decade in search of mystic knowledge in his quest for immortality. Miteralius had left his home on the mediterranean island of Rhodos along with his young apprentice Kastolaf in the search of the greater truth.


    At the same time three young and poor men full of dreams, left their homes in England in search of better life. At the end of their long journey Richard, his younger sister Elizabeth and their friend Amilia arrived during a furious winter in Lorentina's capital so…


    That is how EVERYTHING HAD BEGAN. This is the beginning of the story of the first seven almighty immortal magicians who once had been ordinary young men. The first SEVEN MAGICIANS who are still among us 2368 years latter, now have many apprentices who they have taught and have made like themselves – powerful and immortal…

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