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        I learning English,and I writed something,but I don't know whether I am right or not,I want to find some people who can help me check.Smile


                             Try to guess who dreamed of this

        Thin clouds appeared in the sinister night,covered all the stars. moonlight penetrated clouds and touching the township,dim cottages,and the castle which showing poor light.

        A dead girl was lay in a room of the castle,she is the dead duke's daughter, the successor of the castle.A few days ago,the duchess took her to met a young prince for oveture a marriage. But the young prince was unhappy with her appearances and emotionless expeled them. the old king knew they were so hard to came here,the way is very far,so he detailed many knight to protect them. passed few days,they came back to the castle,and then,the girl jumped in the city moat.

        Duchess was very sad,she wanted toaccomplish daughter's dream,she invited a devilish witch, attempted to summom back daughter's soul,let it to occupy another girl's body and marry to the prince.

        A knight heard duchess's plan,he put on his armour hastily,and came in guest room to fine his mates, but they are appeared.He was confused,and then,he was stuned by the witch,and he was restrained into a wardrobe. At the same time,castle guards took a cametose girl entered the guest room,and she was restrained into another wardrobe. The witch return to the corpse room,and began her sommon seremony.

        The witch told the dead girl her plan,she wanted to use the knight to be offering after midnight, so she capable to move dead girl's soul into the young girl's body. But dead girl could not bear the ulcerated and stiff body,she could not wait for midnight. She wanted to occupy the fresh body immediately.The witch agreed,she separated out soul from the corpse. Weary soul could not keep her appearance,she seem to go back to a child,the most willful age in her life. She was very weak,but complete enough to occupy a girl who lose her consciousness.

        The young girl saw the specter,it is like a naughty child,making immoral laugh and walking toward the young girl. The young girl 's hands and legs were tied,not any light into her eyes.She tried so hard to strugle, but could not see any chance.She felt her body got numb,her mouth could not make any sound, she could not breathe and could not feel her heartbeat.

        Suddenly,someone opened the wardrobe door,let moonlight into the wardrobe,summoned up the young girl's spirit, weak specter could not resist conscious body,it was expeled out from the body and dissipated in the air.

        Is a dwarf opened the wardrobe,he looked like a thief.He know the arbitrary nobles always bullied civilian, he saw the nervous girl,he commiserated her,so he released her and told her he will help her to run away. Young girl came out from the wardrobe,She is a kindhearted girl,she noticed other wardrobe,it locked up, maybe restrained other people,so she asked for the dwarf to open the wardrobe,so they released the knight.

        The knight's sence did not complete recovery,when three castle guards rushed into the guest room, knight instantly got up to fight.The duchess heard her daughter's tragedy,she unleashed a torrent of anger and anguish, she took a knife and rushed into the guest room,she direct poked to the young girl. Young girl holded she hands,tried to turn the edge.For a moment,she could not hold on, and then,she lifted her leg and kicked duchess's head,they are both fell down to the floor. Duchess standed up.she wanted to poke again,but the dwarf holding her leg, while the dwarf told the young girl he already opened a window,so the young girl jumped out from the window.

        Night got deeper,duchess vosed to let the young girl die,she asked for with to release the most dangrous devil, so many vampires flied out from the castle.They enter the township, all of guiltless civilian are their target,soon after,the township full of miserable sounds and blood air. 

        Young girl running in the town street,sounds and corpses aroung her,she could not any place to hide. Finally,she could not run any more,then,all of sounds are disappeared,very quiet,quiet and dreadful. She stopped breathe,she felt something standed behind her,she did not dare turn round. She felt a face stretched forward left head,red air gushed from it,blood dropped from fangs, the sound very clear.

        Then,the girl woke up!

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