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    Hello all!
    This is really my first time posting in a forum of this sort, and I don’t know how to be market friendly and say things like, “Buy my awesome book and change your life!” or things of the sort like that. That would be like someone at a library walking up to you with a paperback and slappin’ you cross the noggin’. You’ll have an imprint of the title on your face but hell it’ll make your face hurt. Nonetheless, I have worked on my first book regarding a trip to Indonesia that I made to teach English as a Second Language. Went with no money, a sketchy past, and all the goodins. I was only 23 and I really didn’t feel like an adult, but in a small village in East Java I met the only other foreigner there, an Austrialian woman that I fell in love with. This book is about heading abroad with no plan about an adventure and meeting someone, while trying to differentiate love in comfort or real love. It’s a great book in my completely biased opinion and I would love to hear how much you love/hate it. Both are good for me :) Oh, and SPOILER ALERT! The book will be offered for free on starting April 1st! Whoo-wee that ain’t much of a spoiler but that’s a hell of a deal. I’d love to hear from y’all. Here’s the links to amazon and my author profile. Any questions will be much appreciated.

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