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    Hi. I’m Paul and i live in Boston. I just wanted to share my novel synopsis with you and if you’d like to read it, let me know.


    The title is Save a Wish for Later.


             In 1988, in Baltimore, MD, two students; Rolfing Whitworth and Beth Kayler, enter first grade. Beth, having psychic proclivities, informs Rolfing (Rollie) that they were once in a past life, together, and that they have unfinished business.., a destiny to fulfill. Rolfing is frightened and hesitant at first, being somewhat overwhelmed by Beth’s revelations. When she shows him, and the rest of the class, just how magical she is, though, Rollie is a full-fledged believer. They embark on their journey, led by their spirit

    guide in (usually) physical form, St. Randolph. St. Randolph has karmic obligations to both the children.

             The journey involves Rolfing and Beth travelling to England, so that Beth can help him regain the throne that was robbed of him in 1282 a.d. in Wales, When the two children were in a past-life, together, this time as adults. As Rolfing (as King Roland of Wales) lay dying, Beth (as Molina Deybens), his consort and life-partner, promised to help him regain his throne some day. Over six-hundred years later, the conditions are right for justice to reign.

          During the journey, our intrepid anti-hero, Rolfing, makes a karmic realization and spirit-changing discovery: That he does not want riches, royalty or power. He wants only love. This is the “third wish” that Beth had been given, but that she waited to use. She wanted to see if Rollie

    would grasp the opportunity to take control of his own life and karma by desiring only that which is lasting and even eternal.

       Rollie makes his decision, tells Beth.., and Beth makes her last wish: That Rollie get what he wants.

         The light-hearted story is about achieving lucidity in life…Gaining the courage and self-honesty to look past riches and power,  and see the value of love and friendship. Magical happenings take place throughout the story, as well as humorous events. There are several poems included.

         If you would like to read this, let me know.

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