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    I would like to share with you a book that I have published, and as it is fantasy novel. I thought you folks may be interested in literature focused on the strange world of the supernatural 🙂

    It is heavily based on spiritual concepts, ideas and imagination. Some history of the world, my own experiance, is all rolled into a creative story I'd like to share – and you are the ideal audience 🙂

    The title of my book is called “Approaching the Dark Ages – Resonance”. It is set in the future, and of course, the world has ended. However, some humans have changed and awakened in a spiritual sense, now able to use the powers of Resonance (or what is more comonly known as 'Vibrations') at their disposal in a world gone mad with despair. The Anunaki however have other plans.

    My main website is here:

    If you would like to download the eBook please follow this link (A preview is available):—resonance/15831131

    If anyone does read it I would be most greatful. The second book in the series is soon coming to completion as well.

    Thank you folks!

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