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    Hello People,


    I wasnt sure if this was up anyones street at all but if you are interested in a Free Screenwriting eBook then please check out the link below, the ebook is informative,  offers good advice and is written by Glynn Turner who has worked in the UK on TV and Film productions and is now trying to make it in Holywood.


    He says himself:


    Now, I’d like to be totally upfront and mention that I’m not pretending to be the next Quentin Tarantino or James Cameron here. So far, I’ve not sold a single word, but I certainly intend to.

    And so far, through my time in Hollywood, I’ve read thousands of scripts through working for various producers, and I’ve certainly learned what studios and production companies look for when they’re searching for movie projects.

    This eBook is free, and my sole intention is to pass on the tips and tricks that I’ve learned about screenwriting over the last ten years, and to really help bridge the gap for the absolute beginner, something that would’ve helped me when I first started down this path.


    As you can see its not some hyped up ebook claiming that you will become famous, it simply outlines what the producers look for and gives advice on areas such as correct formatting, story lines and characters and is merely there to assist any budding screenwriter.


    As I say I hope you find it of interest. If not then I am sorry to bother you all.



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