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    Long before WW II, my grandfather, Kenny, one of the best builders in Hastings build this barn, the largest building in the small farm.

    During WW II, the barn served too many causes. Hospital, Church, a place where the leader of the allies met and planned their attacks to Germans.


    After WW II, and for several years, remained abandoned and consumed by the vegetation it became almost invisible. As the last living relative of the Malone family, the small farm it was legally mined.


    Cambridge gave me the tools I needed to satisfy my curiosity in science. Doctorate on astrophysics, doctorate in computer science, and doctorate in microbiology. In time, I realized, my passion, for the cosmos, the stars and space had shifted, and I find myself fascinated with the design of my latest obsession, the developing of the cure chamber.


    A computer will scan will analyze the patient, and then the infected areas will be exposed to gamma Z-14 radiation, which will force the immune system to react, then by bombarding the infected area with a radio frequency I expedite the rotation of the protons, and instantly the body reproduces the damaged cells, and reject the infected ones.


    My experiments were one hundred percent successful, so I moved my lab into the old barn, and I began working day and night, to perfect the cure chamber.


    A month later, I was ready to try with a human subject; with my damaged herniated disc, the chronic lower back pain, most of the time it was unbearable, I decided to become that subject.


    After the initial scan, I made the final adjustments on the radiation levels, and I let the computer do the rest.

    The experiment it was successful. Cure with no side effects, so I thought, until the day I realized that the exposure to gamma Z-14 radiation did more than repairing, my damaged lower back.


    It gave me the ability to change at will on a molecular level. I became a shape-shifter. The idea of my discovery to get to the wrong hands, it was frightening, I destroyed the chamber, but I kept the formula.


    I moved to London, and changed my name, few months later I met my wife Peggy, a year later, Peggy gave me my son Jonathan, life it has been good to me, I just hope that my shape shifting abilities was not passed on to my son Jonathan.


    The thirty-year-old Jonathan smiled, he put the letter in his pocket, and as he changed to a middle age, man said.

     Don’t worry father, your discovery its safe. Then he walked into the neo-Nazi headquarters.


    hmm nice story man I like it…


    Thank you, I have made some changes.  I am working on a supernatural police thriller script at this time, but I will be posting shape shifter update soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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