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    New York City, 42nd and 8th avenue.
    The dismembered body of a brutally murdered man discovered in a subway station.
    With only an eagles feather found in the victim’s mouth, and a drunken homeless
    man insisting an Indian killed him. With, no other clues. Detective Gloria Hart
    calls her friend and veteran detective Tony Morreti for assistance.

    When the investigation comes to dead- end Morreti
    contacts the psychic Ovela, who has successfully cooperated with the Police in
    the past.

    After the detectives explained the case, to the Indian
    decent disabled psychic, they learned the Munsee Indians believed the Eagle to
    carry souls to the land of their ancestors when they die.

    And by placing an eagles feather in the mouth of the
    dead, there insuring the dead will move peacefully, to the next plane of
    existence. If they don’t the dead will forever roam this earth.

    They also learn about the curse of Ahote, the last chief
    of the Munsee tribe.

    In 1650 Spanish soldiers came into what is now New York
    and during a battle with the Munsee Indians, and, killed Chief Ahote’s three
    sons, ending his bloodline. The chief ordered the medicine man to make a doll
    of an Indian, warrior. Before killing himself, he then cursed the doll to find
    and kill the descendants of those who killed his sons.

    The doll absorbed his blood and became alive. The doll
    cannot travel outside of the Munsee territory, to this day the Indian warrior.
    Before killing himself, he will kill anyone from the Spanish soldier’s
    bloodline that comes to New York.

    The only way to stop the Indian warrior is written on the
    last page of the Medicine Man’s book. Only one of the Spanish soldier’s
    bloodline, can read the book, but they can be killed at any moment.

    The book is buried with the medicine man, has not been
    seined for three hundred years. The ceremony to open the medicine man’s grave,
    can only take place, during the night of the ninth full moon.

    Tony and Gloria, research the history of the tribe and
    their territories, finding the location of the Munsee cemetery, in woodland
    cemetery. The cemetery has no records, prior to 1861.

    The grounds keeper tells them about a small group of
    indentified Indian graves on the far end of the cemetery. With help from the
    medium and the Indian reservation, they were able to find the medicine man’s
    grave. Ovela tells them the main part of the tomb opening ceremony, is the
    dance of the dead, which can only be performed by one who can see the spirit.
    Ovela is the only gifted who knows the dance, but she is disabled.

    In desperation, Ovela remind them about the homeless man
    in the station the day of the murder.

    With NYPD’s help, they find the homeless man, dying in an

    after his recovery, and with only five days for the full
    moon, Ovela teaches him the dance.

    Detective Gloria, Ovela, the homeless man and four
    members from the Indian reservation, gather in the cemetery.

    The oldest member of the Indian reservation, takes Gloria
    by the hand and they kneel by the grave, as the homeless men performs the dance
    of the dead. Through the fog, the medicine man appears on his horse, circles
    his grave three times, looking at Gloria, he then stop in front of her, handing
    her his book, and disappearing in the fog.

    Gloria surprised looks at the book and attempts to open
    it, Ovela reminds her, if she can read the book, she is of the Spanish soldier
    bloodline, and can be killed at any moment. Also, she can’t flip to the last
    page, because the pages will be blank, she has to read the book from the

    The book will only allow her to read a few pages a day,
    and once she flips the page she can’t go back because that page will be blank.

    The book will give her a challenge. And until she
    completes the challenge, she won’t be able to read any further.

    The medicine man’s book, takes Gloria on a journey
    through the Munsee tribe’s triumphs, loses, happiness and sorrow.

    Gloria is compelled to learn more. Knowing that she can
    be the next victim, she spends countless hours, in libraries, museums, and the
    internet learning about the Munsee tribe. In the book she discovers “he who
    wants to finish reading this book, must first, redeem chief Ahote’s honor.”
    Afterward, the book is blank.

    Through her search, she discovers that where Ahote’s
    village was in 1650, is now national forest.

    With her life in constant danger, Gloria files a petition
    to rename that area, Munsee territory.

    As the district Court denies her petitions, Gloria,
    continues trying.

    One day she is notified that the district Court awards
    her a hearing date.
    Gloria convinces the court, to rename a small part of the national forest
    Munsee territory, and build a replica of a Munsee village, with information
    about the tribe, and their battles, their history, and the names of tribe’s
    last chief and his sons.

    During the hearing, Gloria sees four Indian shadows
    embedded on the courtroom wall.

    After several hearings, her petition awarded, but the
    book remains blank.

    With the help of the Indian reservation and volunteers,
    Gloria finishes the construction of the village, and reads that, the warrior
    will only sleep in chief Ahote’s hand, on his land, with his sons, and the
    medicine man.

    Gloria files a petition with the Indian reservation, and
    the city of NY, to relocate chief Ahote, his sons, and the medicine man
    remaining, in the newly built Munsee village.

    After several hearings, and denials, and with the support
    of the Indian reservation, historical society, and media, Gloria files petition
    after petition, until the city grants her request, to relocate the remains to a
    protected area in the center of the village.

    The relocation ceremony and the history of the tribe,
    broadcasted live on all major news networks, during the relocation, Gloria sees
    the spirits of the five Indians following their remains, the Indian warrior is
    discovered in the medicine man’s hand.

    Ovela explains that the medicine man wanted to protect
    innocent people and restricted the Indian warrior to remain in the Munsee

    In a separate ceremony, the doll is removed from the
    medicine man’s hand and placed in Ahote’s hands.

    After the relocation is completed, Gloria uncovers the
    plaque displaying the history of the tribe. With a smile on her face she looks
    at the five graves.

    The night before the village opens for the public,
    Gloria, sets her tent on a small hill not far from the village, and awakened
    early morning by the reflection of fire outside her tent. She looks outside and
    sees women, children, warriors, hunters, and a big fire burning in the middle
    of the village.

    On the hill directly across, she sees the shadows of four
    Indians, protectively overlooking the village. As the sun breaks above the
    ground, she recognizes chief Ahote and his three sons, joined by a fifth horse with

    The chief looks at Gloria, raises his hand in salute, and
    the five riders slowly gallop towards the village, disappearing, with the the
    women, children, the hunters, and fire.

    Gloria, looks at the village, and sees six graves. Later
    that day Gloria quits her job as a Police detective, and along with the
    homeless man joins, the Indian reservation as a Munsee historian.

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