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    The best cover for evil is a mask of trust. When kidnap victim, Cassie Sanders, puts too much hope in her captor, her escape is nearly impossible. Imprisoned for over six months, it isn’t until Ben Morrison, a local high school student, starts investigating the suspicious behaviors of his father, Tom, that Cassie’s long imprisonment may finally come to an end.

    However, Ben’s investigations lead him into a nightmare he never could have imagined. Once he learns Tom’s secret, the rest of the Morrison family is plunged into madness. For Lia, Ben’s 5 year-old sister, she is plagued by dreams and visions of monsters she is convinced are real. Ben’s mother, Becca, is forced to keep her family together through the care of Dr. Morgan, a psychologist who helps reveal Lia’s dreams and their connection to Tom’s secret.

    Through a colorful blend of character perspectives, this psychological drama of criminal deceit proves that just as kidnappers disguise themselves as loving providers for their victims, evil disguises itself as a source of truth and goodness.

    This is available for download on Amazon (works with any Kindle or PC):

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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