Advertising at The Fiction Forum

Advertising Rates and Plans (Subject to Change)

Please note: Site-wide column ad rates have NOT been determined
and the spaces are not available yet.

Text Ads: Text Ads Plans vary in price, placement, word count, and number of pages. Plan B is displayed on three pages of our choice. Text ads may be no more than 30 words (no graphics) and may include email/website links. Pricing for text ads are as follows:

Plan A: These text ads have the same basic placement and space as a banner. They are displayed on three pages of our choice. Must include web site url, business or person’s name. Email optional.

1 month – $29.00
2 months – $49.00
3 months – $69.00

Plan B: These text ads are displayed on the bottom of three pages of our choice. One sentence ad with web site link. Ten to fifteen words maximum.
No formatting. Displayed under a divider image.

1 month – $15.00
2 months – $25.00
3 months – $35.00

Plan C: Text box (right column), on one page (excluding main page for site.) Fewer words than Plan B–around ten. This is more of a “teaser” type of ad…See “This could be your text ad…” box example.

1 month – $10.00
2 months – $17.00
3 months – $25.00

Banner Ads: Banner ads are displayed on three pages of our choice. These ads may be graphic ads with a link to either an email address or a web site.

Plan A: The ad may be no bigger than 15k (468 x 60 pixels). We reserve the right to reject certain animated ads. Plan A banner ads are as follows:

1 month – $40.00
2 months – $69.00
3 months – $99.00

Plan B: The ad may be no bigger than 12k (100 x 100 pixels).

1 month – $30.00
2 months – $49.00
3 months – $79.00

Plan C: The ad may be no bigger than 10k (100 x 50 pixels).

1 month – $20.00
2 months – $35.00
3 months – $49.00

Site Traffic Information

The Fiction Forum is an online community for readers of all types of fiction and a web resource for writers of all experiences and interests. We have just recently changed ownership and hosting, therefore, we do not currently have a long history for traffic information. Traffic statistics under the new ownership are published every couple of weeks and are available here: traffic report. If you would like our most recent traffic statistics please send an email to with “TRAFFIC STATS” in the subject line of your email.

Advertising Policies

*~We reserve the right to refuse any solicitation for advertisement.~*

* Please note we are very selective in regards to advertising in our children’s section “The Fiction Forum for Kids”

Advertising rates are for web-ready ads only. Payment must be made for all advertisements 100% in advance after reservation of space has been made. Payments must be received 10 days after reservations. Those payments not received within 10 days will lose their advertising space. Sorry no exceptions. Prices subject to change.

All advertisers also appear on our new SPONSORS page at no addition charge.

Advertising on The Fiction Forum is open to all individuals and firms. However, all advertising is accepted at the discretion of The Fiction Forum. Publication of advertising does not constitute an endorsement. The Fiction Forum is not liable for any products or services advertised.

Ads are generally placed on three pages of our choice and are placed on a first come, first serve basis. If there is a particular page in which you wish you add to appear please let us know and we will see if we can accommodate your request.

To reserve a spot for an ad please contact:, please indicate the type of ad you would like to run (see the list above).

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