What is The Fiction Forum?
The Fiction Forum is an interactive community for readers and writers of creative writing. Though the site was founded to tackle solely the needs of fiction lovers, certain aspects of the site are open to a broader range of interest. To find out more about The Fiction Forum visit our about page.

Who’s behind The Fiction Forum?
Recently The Fiction Forum experienced a change of ownership. Renee Faucher is now the full site owner. However, most of the staff has remained the same. Our staff is comprised of dedicated readers and writers just like you! Visit our Staff page to find out all about the hard working volunteers of The Fiction Forum.

When will the site be updated?
The Fiction Forum is currently changing its publication schedule. All content updates are first published in The Fiction Forum Review and then archived to the appropriate sections of the web site. The Review is published twice a month.

Can I advertise on the The Fiction Forum?
Sure, just check out or advertsing page for rates and information.

Where can I get a banner for The Fiction Forum to put on my site?
Just visit our banner page, pick up the banner you like best and copy it to your hard drive. Than post that image to your web site along with a link back to The Fiction Forum. Please only link to: Do not link to any page within our site as pages move frequently.

How do I add a link to The Fiction Forum?
The Fiction Forum link exchange will allow you to post a link on our links page. (Sorry, but we no longer accept banners in the link exchange area.) In exchange you will be asked to post a link back to The Fiction Forum. To participate in the link exchange send an email to:

What do I do if I have a question that’s not answered here?
We’ll be happy to answer any additional question you may have about The Fiction Forum web site. Please just send us an email at

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