A Call for Volunteers for Fiction Forum

This Website is in need of experienced volunteers

If you have any of the following experiences:

  • You are a published author
  • You’re trying to publish a novel
  • You read books and would like to review them

CLICK HERE: Contact The Fiction Forum

This website has become too much for a single hobbiest.

There are too many visitors who come to this website every day looking for advice that I cannot give. Yes, I read a lot of fiction, but I am not an author. And unfortunately, being an author is not currently in my skill set.

So, we are in desperate need of volunteers to help the visitors to this website.

Would you be keen on:

  • writing articles about being an author?
  • reviewing books you’ve read (or books/ebooks submitted to this site for review)?
  • tell people how you are going about being published, while writing about your experiences?
  • communicate with the visitors to this website?

If so, then please use the contact form and let me know your experience, and what you would like to contribute.

I think this might be a great place for you to get exposure. Let me know if you disagree! 🙂

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