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Content as well as volunteers are needed to see the vision of The Fiction Forum become a reality. For more information about The Fiction Forum please click here.

Important Note: The Fiction Forum does not pay for work posted on our site or services rendered by the staff. Most everything on The Fiction Forum (including material and time) is donated. All staff members will be given a full page spread for a bio including links, graphics, promo bits, etc.

We are currently closed to applications.

We are looking for columnists to contribute their knowledge of writing or the writing business. All columnists will be asked to submit 6 columns at one time (this gives us a 6-month lead). All columns must carry a related theme from one installment to the next. Submit letter of interest in an email to:

We are looking for articles of any length that instruct, inspire or educate about any aspect of writing fiction or the writer’s life. We will look at previously published work as long as it does not interfere with another publisher’s rights. The staff will review all articles submitted; we may not post every article we receive. Submit letter of interest in an email to:

Fiction Forum is planning to offer a critique group program. Critique groups will run in small, structured environments with regular participation required from members. Moderators will be in charge of running the group, keeping it active and monitoring activity. Submit letter of interest in an email to:

We are looking for applicants for the waiting list. All interviews will be conducted via email. Submit letter of interest in an email to:

Don’t see anything you like here, but want to help? Just email us and let us know. We’re still in the process of building the site and we may find a need for more help in the future. If you have a suggestion for a feature that you would like to see added to The Fiction Forum please let us know. You can send any comments, questions or requests to volunteer to

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