The Radical Cat

by Wendy Peterson “Sometimes Known As Rad Cat” No one knew where the Radical Cat came from. He just strolled into Jerry’s life one mid-summer day. Jerry spotted the marmalade cat wondering nonchalantly down the centre of the road – fearful of no one and nothing. When the cat noticed Jerry standing by the gate, his tail and his ears stood to attention. In the next few seconds he had... read more

Pouncer and the House on Rosebriar Lane: pg 7

“Alright, alright,” Trash Can Dan laughed. “Where do you live kid?” “In the little blue house at the end of Rosebriar Lane.” “Oh, rightly, I know that house. ” Trash Can Dan trotted off down the street with Pouncer hot on his heels. He was amazed that such a big, brave alley cat had heard of his little home. “How do you know?” “Why, that little blue house is the envy of every cat on the street. We hear... read more

Pouncer and the House on Rosebriar Lane: pg 6

The alley cat laughed out loud. “Hurt you? Why on earth would you think such a thing?” “Because,” Pouncer sniffled. “Alley cats are big and tough and mean.” The alley cat sat and licked as his paw while he considered this. “You’re right I guess. Alley cats are big and tough and mean. But not to little lost kittens,” he said with a friendly grin. “Come on out. I won’t hurt you.” Slowly Pouncer inched out... read more

Pouncer and the House on Rosebriar Lane: pg 5

For hours he wandered through the city streets. Taking in all the sounds and smells that were more wonderful than any old warm bowl of milk. He’d even found a real mouse to chase, though it got away. As the sun began to set and shadows fell over every street, Pouncer began to tremble. He turned down one street and then another. All of the buildings looked the same. As it grew darker, Pouncer felt more and... read more

Pouncer and the House on Rosebriar Lane: pg 4

He must have sat in the stuffy little bag for nearly an hour. He was just about to give up hope when Madam picked up the bag. Like a wonderful carnival ride, Pouncer was carried out the front door and slipped into the waiting car. He poked his head out from between the flaps of the bag. Through the window he could see the tallest trees reaching up towards the bright blue sky. In the distance loomed the... read more