Pouncer and the House on Rosebriar Lane: pg 7

Pouncer and the House on Rosebriar Lane: pg 7

“Alright, alright,” Trash Can Dan laughed. “Where do you live kid?”
“In the little blue house at the end of Rosebriar Lane.”
“Oh, rightly, I know that house. ” Trash Can Dan trotted off down the street with Pouncer hot on his heels.
He was amazed that such a big, brave alley cat had heard of his little home. “How do you know?”
“Why, that little blue house is the envy of every cat on the street. We hear stories about the little old woman who lives there. When she comes to town she always leaves food out for the strays. What I wouldn’t give to live in that little blue house,” Trash Can Dan said dreamily.
“Why would you want to be stuck in that little blue house when you have the big city to explore?”
“Why wouldn’t you? You got a nice warm place to sleep, warm milk whenever you want it and a family who loves you. Sounds pretty nice to me.”
“Yeah,” Pouncer agreed, thinking, ‘It is pretty nice.’

They walked for nearly a mile as they made their way out of the big city and back onto the country lane. Pouncer could see the little blue house in the glow of the moon overhead. He tore up the lane. When he made it to the door he mewed until his mother let him in.
He purred loudly, happy to be home. “Oh Mother, I missed you so much.”
“Pouncer, you’ve been a very naughty kitten. I’ve been so worried,” she scolded. Then a smile rose, “but I’m so happy to have you home.”
Pouncer looked beyond the door to see Trash Can Dan watching from the lane. “Mother, this is Trash Can Dan, he helped me find my way home.”
“Thank you so much, Mr. Trash Can Dan. Won’t you please come in?”
That night Trash Can Dan joined the three kittens and their mother for a warm saucer of milk. As Pouncer listened to the alley cat’s stories of a cold and lonely city life, he knew that he was right where he belonged: in the little blue house at the end of Rosebriar Lane.

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