Pouncer and the House on Rosebriar Lane: pg 6

Pouncer and the House on Rosebriar Lane: pg 6

The alley cat laughed out loud. “Hurt you? Why on earth would you think such a thing?”
“Because,” Pouncer sniffled. “Alley cats are big and tough and mean.”
The alley cat sat and licked as his paw while he considered this. “You’re right I guess. Alley cats are big and tough and mean. But not to little lost kittens,” he said with a friendly grin. “Come on out. I won’t hurt you.”
Slowly Pouncer inched out of the cardboard box.
“What’s your name kid?”
“I’m Trash Can Dan. They call me that cause I’m the best dumpster digger in the joint.” Trash Can Dan smiled. “Where’s your family kid?”
“They’re at home. I’ve run away.”
“Run away? Now why on earth would you do such a thing?”
“Because I wanted to be an alley cat, but now I just want to go home. I miss my Mother and my sisters too,” he said and began to cry.
“No don’t go blubbering again. Buck up son, old Trash Can Dan will help you find your way home.”
“You will? Oh thank you Mr. Trash Can.” Pouncer smiled up at the smelly old cat.

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