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Patricia Waddell

Patricia Waddell writes both historical and futuristic romance and is multi-published author with both Kensington, Dorchester, and LionHearted. Current Releases A Gentleman’s Bargain Claire Aldrich is out of money and short on time. After three weeks in San Francisco, desperately searching for her wayward brother, Claire’s rent is due and she’s forced to look for employment. A Stylish... read more

Rita Y Toews

Rita Y. Toews is a Canadian author living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has written two children’s stories, “Kelly’s Baby Brother” and “Christmas Stars”. As well, she has assisted with several novels. “The Price of Freedom” won a Clara Award and an Eppie Award. “Prometheus” has been given a LiFE Award. Her short stories have been published in... read more

Penny Rudolph

Penny Rudolph is a journalist, the author of many feature articles published in various media. She has published short stories, written a play produced by a number of acting companies, and taught journalism and creative writing at the college level. Her fiction has placed at or near the top in five national competitions. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband Ralph and a small menagerie of... read more

Paul Petrucci

Paul Petrucci is an information technologist by day and a writer by night. Like his protagonist in Prodigal Logic, he lives on a floating home in Seattle, a short kayak trip from the University of Washington campus. The premise for a thinking computer evolved from his work with expert systems (a branch of artificial intelligence). The question “what would happen if a computer could solve a... read more

Lori Paris

Born and raised in Southern California, Lori Paris attended college at the University of Santa Barbara. Lori now lives in Lake Tahoe with her husband and children. Follow Your Heart is her first novel. Current Information Follow Your Heart When a young woman discovers she was adopted as an infant, she makes a bold decision to seek out and find her birth parents. Little does she realize how it will forever... read more