Rita Y Toews

Rita Toews - Author of multiple novels and short stories

Rita Y. Toews is a Canadian author living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

She has written two children’s stories, “Kelly’s Baby Brother” and “Christmas Stars“. As well, she has assisted with several novels. “The Price of Freedom” won a Clara Award and an Eppie Award. “Prometheus” has been given a LiFE Award.

Her short stories have been published in numerous magazines, including: “Western People“, “Mysterical-E“, the Knights of Columbus magazine “Columbia” and “Green Prints.”

Rita has recently co-authored a new novel with Hungarian author, Alex Domokos, entitled “Masquerade.”

Current Releases

Kelly’s Baby Brother

Kelly has a new baby brother and things just aren’t the way they used to be. Join Kelly as she learns that baby brothers can a lot of fun.

Christmas Stars

Catherine has begun to feed two hungry deer in her yard. One afternoon some snowmobilers scare the deer away. Can they find their way back to Catherine’s yard? Can Catherine keep the deer safe for the winter?

The Price of Freedom

The story of a man’s search for freedom. From the prison camps of WWII Russia, to deportation, to his flight from Hungary in 1956. An autobiography that reads like action/adventure.


A trek in the Himalayas turns into a race to save the future of mankind.

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