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An Interview with Zachary Weiner

Conducted by Carrie Smoot December 2003 FF: How did you come up with the idea for “City at Night?” What motivated you to write the story? Zachary Weiner: It’s interesting really, and I think most writers find the fact to be true, but I was in a setting at the time I began conceptualizing City at Night that was incredibly inspiring for the work. Each day I would go out and venture in this setting I... read more

An Interview with Paul A. Toth

Interview by Dr Bob Rich FF: Paul, writing humorously about serious topics is one of the most difficult things a writer can do. Was this your intent with ‘Fizz’? And if yes, are you a person who makes people laugh in your everyday life? Paul A. Toth: That was the intent, and part of the difficulty was not trying to be funny but playing it straight. It’s Ray’s utter earnestness in... read more

An Interview with Linda Joy Singleton

Conducted by Dr. Bob Rich FF: Linda Joy Singleton is a popular author of stories for children. Or is it young adults…? I am confused. Is there adifference, and if so, which one are you? Linda: Both! I’ve written midgrade books like the MY SISTER THE GHOST series and young adult books like the REGENERATION teen cloning mysteries. Mostly I just say I write juvenile novels, which covers all age... read more

An Interview with Tim McCann

Conducted by Mark Schofield As a moviemaker, Tim McCann is a wildcat. He writes and directs, shoots and edits, and attends to the stark financial exigencies of the entertainment business—and he’s got opinions. McCann and I talked recently about the hard work and disappointments of finding space for independent art in an industry bloated with formula and obeisant to profit. Fiction Forum: As a kid, I... read more

An Interview with Maud Casey

Conducted by Mark Schofield Maud Casey and I have exchanged numerous e-mails, though we haven’t met. In the jacket photos of her, I see a quirky beauty that is very appealing. Also notable from those jackets is the fact that a host of established authors praise her work in superlative terms. If you haven’t read her, you should. Her debut novel, The Shape of Things to Come, was a New York Times... read more