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An Interview with Stephen M. Yulish

Conducted by Dr Bob Rich November, 2002 Stephen M. Yulish has managed to have the following little ‘bio’ posted at perhaps forty web sites, including Amazon, and many devoted to Science Fiction: I was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1947, received my BA from Case Western Reserve University in 1969, my MA in 1972 and my Ph.D in 1975 from the University of Illinois. My first book, “The Search... read more

An Interview with Catherine Snodgrass

Conducted by Dr Bob Rich December, 2002 FF: Catherine, you are the author of several books, in a variety of genres. Tell us about the FIRST one. How did you manage to get it published? How did you feel at the time? Catherine: My first published book was FEATHER ON THE WIND, a time travel. A friend of mine introduced me to a representative of an e-publishing company. That rep asked me to submit. Within two... read more

An Interview with Bernadene High-Coleman

Conducted by Maria Robbins December, 2002 From Louisiana to Los Angles, Bernadene High-Coleman kept Mama Rose, deep within her heart. Mama Rose, in that southern rural style, told the stories, passed down through the generation’s women in her family. Stories so rich and vivid, that MAMA ROSE became Bernadene Coleman’s first novel. A story that could only be told by her . . . FF: Who first told... read more

An Interview with Karen Wiesner

Conducted by Dawn Seewer October, 2002 With her numerous titles and expertise in ebooks, Karen Wiesner is certainly making a splash in the electronic publishing world. She is the author of several successful series and is publishing her acclaimed work on electronic publishing through Hard Shell Word Factory. We spoke with Karen about her career, her upcoming projects and her thoughts about the future of... read more

An Interview with John Aridi

Conducted by Steven Ayala November, 2002 John Aridi made an impressive mark with the release of his short story collection entitled “Tears of the Stars.” It had all the elements science fiction fans crave, along with his own unique flair which set it apart from the genre’s other offerings. He opened his futuristic world of creation to us. A creation we know is just beginning, and will... read more