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A Conversation with John Blumenthal

Interview by Mark Schofield Conducted Fall 2003 Good Heavens! What are we-madmen? Why do we bother writing? In a spirit of turmoil and quest, I asked John Blumenthal about his process. Author of several books, including The Tinseltown Murders and The Official Hollywood Handbook, and two movies (Short Time, Blue Streak), JB took my questions in stride. Perhaps not everyone is as nervous as I am. FF:... read more

An Interview with Jonathan Ames

Conducted by Mark Schofield The voice in Jonathan Ames’s memoir, My Less Than Secret Life, his collected columns, What’s Not to Love?, and two novels, I Pass Like Night and The Extra Man, is that of a very bright man who may or not be coming apart. His words make you laugh tears and bite your lip with truth. During his recent stretch performing Eric Bogosian’s monologue ‘Notes from Underground’ in... read more

Information About Author Interviews

Request an Author Interview The Author Interview program provides authors with a chance to interview with The Fiction Forum and share some PR information with the public. To request an interview please read the rules and the non-exclusive agreement below then submit your request. Author Interview Listing Rules – All authors must be published in print or electronic form (we will interview... read more