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Harris Estate

Author: Stacey Cotter Book Title: Harris Estate Publisher: 3L Publishing, LLC Book delivery method: We could make arrangements for an eBook, but the paper copy is available through the publisher.  Link below. Book description: A family mystery unfolds deep in the heart of Texas as a grisly discovery is made in the farmhouse she has inherited. As the truth unravels so does the woman’s sense of identity and... read more

Revenants, The Odyssey Home

Author Scott Kauffman Book Title Revenants, The Odyssey Home Publisher Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC Book delivery method I can make Revenants available to you by epub, NetGalley, or print. Book description When a grief-stricken candy striper resolves to return home a nameless veteran of the Great War, she must overcome not only his reticence to reveal his past but the skullduggery of a local congressman... read more

By What Is Sure To Follow

Book Title By What is Sure to Follow Publisher Hellgate Press Book delivery method ebook from publisher Book description Ex-Marine Force Recon Luke Sims is a veteran of two wars: Vietnam and the one inside his head. He’s spent the last fourteen years attending self-help group sessions at a local Veterans’ Center to help him be normal, to cope with the memories and trauma of his tour of duty.... read more

The Eyes Behold Tomorrow by Ken Hart

Book Title The Eyes Behold Tomorrow Author Ken Hart Genre Science Fiction Publisher World Castle Publishing (Florida) Book delivery method Reading formats available at your request: Trade Paperback, Mobi, Epub, PDF Blurb Robert Teach has been used and abused. The Royal Family has been assassinated. Galactic War is about to begin. These are the least of Robert’s worries. He’s been selected to... read more