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Closure by Stacey Cotter

Author: Stacey Cotter Book Title: Closure – when evil sparks vengeance Publisher: 3L Publishing Book delivery method: eBook available. Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Fiction For sale?: 10-14-17 via Amazon, 3L Publishing, iBooks, etc. Book description: Closure WHEN EVIL SPARKS VENGEANCE… Blood filled heart, Crimson bruises, Torment – Sophia Andrews The perfect love story … a tragic ending. Not... read more

Clovers by Rayaprol Janaki Anand

Brief Intro I am an Indian, a wife and mother of two grown-up girls. This is my only book though I have dabbled in poetry and written a few articles. I started out as a sub-editor in the national radio but left when kids came on the scene. I am an artist and the illustrations in my book and the cover design are my own. The book is light reading but was inspired by a serious philosophical discussion on the... read more

Acolytes: A Caste for Control

Author James Villinger Story behind the story I’m a high school teacher from Melbourne, Australia. I love Science Fiction, Karate and video games. One day, I hope to be a published author. Book Title Acolytes: A Caste for Control Blurb A teleporting girl and her younger brother traverse the desert world of Seron, doing their best to avoid monsters and brainwashed super-soldiers that are stuck in a... read more


Title Smokescreen Author Khaled Talib Story behind the story Khaled Talib is a former journalist with local and international exposure. His articles have been published and syndicated to newspapers worldwide, and his short stories have appeared in literary journals and magazines. His novel Smokescreen was listed “Thriller of the Month” on’s September 2014 issue. Talib is... read more

Generation Snow

Author: Robert Earl Wildwood Story behind the story: Robert Wildwood has been working at re-programming human culture for more than 25 years. Robert has published numerous zines and books under the name Robert Earl Sutter III, Robert Rowboat, & Robnoxious. In 2014 Robert published his first full length graphic novel Hobo Fires, set in the near future when hobos must hack rides on robotic freight... read more