The Eyes Behold Tomorrow by Ken Hart

Book Title

The Eyes Behold Tomorrow


Ken Hart


Science Fiction


World Castle Publishing (Florida)

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Reading formats available at your request: Trade Paperback, Mobi, Epub, PDF


Robert Teach has been used and abused.
The Royal Family has been assassinated.
Galactic War is about to begin.
These are the least of Robert’s worries.
He’s been selected to join a harem.
It’s an offer he can’t refuse.

Brief Synopsis

Edward Robert Teach is a modern day barbarian who encompasses everything a woman loves and hates in a man. He is a tall, strong, chauvinistic party animal whose only saving graces being ruggedly handsome and independently wealthy. He abhors his notorious namesake, correctness in any form, and has a habit of expressing his opinion whenever it does the most offense. When he meets Kamini, a stunningly beautiful, large eyed woman from the planet Feletia, he thinks he has finally met the girl of his dreams – until he is recruited by her, and he becomes the unlikeliest captain of a prototype destroyer in the Feletian space navy, giving him the ability to stir up more trouble than he can get out of. Queen Aphelia, leader of her matriarchal, utopian society, and Kamini’s mother, takes an interest in him. She uses him to attain her political goals, forcing Robert to learn harsh, and sometimes painful lessons in humility when his earthbound attitude clashes with the strong willed Feletian women. When Robert is powerless to stop the assassination of the Feletian royal family, Kamini ascends the throne and takes him as husband. He becomes Feletia’s Regent, sparking a political and marital struggle that could bring the flames of galactic war to the peaceful planet.

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