Pouncer and the House on Rosebriar Lane: pg 2

Pouncer and the House on Rosebriar Lane: pg 2

“Children!” his mother called out one sunny afternoon. Pouncer ran across the kitchen, jumped up and over the old chair and landed with a heavy thud on the floor in front of his mother.
His baby sister, Molly, came prancing up behind him. “Mother, did you see what Pouncer just did?”
“Molly darling,” Mother scolded in her sweet voice. “It’s not polite to tattle-tell.”
Pouncer stuck his tongue out at his sister.
“That’s enough, children. I have some news. Come now,” she said as she pulled her kittens close and sat them down in a row. “Madam is going on a trip.”
“Oh, a trip!’ cried Snowy, the middle kitten. “How exciting!”
Molly’s whiskers twitched with excitement. “Where are we going Mother?”
“Madam is going away for the weekend to visit her sister in the city.”
“Aren’t we going with her?” Pouncer asked.
“No, children. It will be our job to look after the house while she is away.”
“Oh, why can’t we go?” Snowy asked looking very sad. She too wanted to visit the city.
“The city is no place for little kittens,” Mother said. “The little house is where we belong.”

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