Bill Burgett

Author Bull Burgett

Brief Biography of Bill Burgett:
Raised in Des Plaines, Illinois
Academic degrees:
Associate in Science (Business Management)
Master of Divinity
Doctor of Ministry
U.S.Army, 1956-1962
Business Executive, 1960-1985
Minister, 1985-present
Husband, Father of four, Grandfather of thirteen

Dr. Burgett has tapped into his varied life experiences to create Project 314. He has sought to create an exciting mystery without the usual lurid bedroom scenes, unnatural vulgarity, and graphic gore. Project 314 combines suspense, romance, faith, science, and old-fashioned sleuthing to bring the reader an exciting story that defies interruption.

Project 314

The Human Genome Project is improving the human condition, but what Dr. Bob Archer discovers is beyond his wildest dreams. In the process he violates protocol and begins an adventure that will have readers challenging their assumptions about life itself.

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