Kristie Leigh Maguire

Kristie’s novel, Emails from the Edge (The Life of an Expatriate Wife), is based on a true story of her expatriate days while following her husband around the globe. Her romantic comedy, No Lady and Her Tramp, was co-authored with Mark Haeuser.

Kristie lived in St. Croix, Aruba, Thailand, Japan, and three times in Saudi Arabia, during her expatriate years – and many regions of the United States before she started roaming the globe.

As she says, “I am from the South and proud of it – but I have learned that home is where you hang your hat.”

Current Releases

Emails from the Edge (The Life of an Expatriate Wife)

Based on a true story of an American woman in the Land of the Rising Sun. Read her journal.

No Lady and Her Tramp

Love! Trailer Park Style! – a romantic comedy

Musings: Authors Do It Write!

A collection of works from 12 authors from the CB Writers Group.

Calliope’s Mousepad: Women Writers Online

An anthology from 10 authors from

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