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Patricia Nelson - Authoer of Cool Spring

“I’ve been a writer since the third grade, even receiving my first rejection then. But ever the optimist, I have kept at it – in personal journals, creative writing classes, a mean Christmas letter (hey, it’s a captive audience), and as a weekly newspaper editor. I have one book published, two in the works, and ideas for more. I am not settling on one genre until all of these stories are in print. My family is supportive, if not a bit proud, to see me finally realizing my dream. (As long as I promise not to reveal family secrets).”

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Cool Spring

A fun romance appropriate for all ages. A single teacher encounters dilemmas and the attention of three bachelors in her new community. Laughter, sorrow, family, friends and faith mark an eventful year. Sure enough, love is part of the package.

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