Caught in the Rain by L. C. Martin

Caught In The Rain” by L. C. Martin details the story of a woman, Jessica Thomas, who leaves an abusive home to search for her place in the world. Struggling to make ends meet, she seeks employment by an escort service despite being a virgin. She meets Brian and they begin a serious relationship. Joe, an old friend for whom Jessica has pent up feelings, keeps reappearing in her life.

Joe has married and embarks on a promising political career, knowing nothing about her profession. Maxie, Joe’s wife, is jealous of his unresolved feelings for Jessica, and attempts to sabotage Joe’s relationship with her.

Brian is a more well-rounded character, adding needed depth to the story. His loving attitude toward Jessica soon turns into intense jealousy, and Jessica find herself in yet another abusive relationship.

Caught In The Rain” has some interesting plot twists that hold the reader’s attention and curiosity. However, important background in the story is skipped over. Joe and Jessica’s friendship is established by page five, with just a fleeting mention of why they are such good friends. Eventually Jessica starts her own business and Joe enters politics, but these significant events in their lives are woven into the story at odd moments, almost as an afterthought.

In addition, the absence of details makes the reader want to experience the electricity of Joe’s political rallies with Maxie at his side, and Jessica basking in her success as an influential businesswoman. There is a feeling of being cheated since Martin does not more intimately involve the reader with these aspects of their lives.

Descriptions of the characters’ emotions seem trite and superficial. In a scene with Jessica and Brian, Brian is described as, “Gazing into the ocean of her eyes, he knew he was a goner” (69). After one abusive episode, “Jessica slipped into a complete detachment of reality” (114). But then the author leaves us hanging, without explaining what this means. Is Jessica psychotic or just depressed?

The surprise plotting, a missed meeting, and more than a few disasters, are entertaining all the way through to the last few pages. However the reader comes away from the book feeling as though she has just left acquaintances, not good friends.

(Note: Page number references are made based on an advance review copy in document format. The page number for these quotes may differ from the publisher’s final format since the total number of pages for the paperback edition is 168, while the review copy, in document form, is 180.)

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