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The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood

“The Pocket Muse” by Monica Wood is a new type of writer’s reference. It is a scrapbook of inspiration comprised of snippets, quotes, writing tips and prompts, intermingled with an odd collection of photos, word collages, and illustrations. A book without page numbers, this is not the type of book that one reads from cover to cover. Beyond the introduction, it is best savored randomly at... read more

In The Wind’s Eye by Charlotte Boyette-Compo

“In The Wind’s Eye” by Charlotte Boyette-Compo tells the story of Sinclair McGregor and his return home after fighting in the Civil War. He discovers that his fiancée has married another, and that his inheritance was sold for back taxes. Robbed of the one true love of his life, he is forced into a marriage he does not want. At night, nightmares of battles lost and a bullet piercing his... read more

Caught in the Rain by L. C. Martin

“Caught In The Rain” by L. C. Martin details the story of a woman, Jessica Thomas, who leaves an abusive home to search for her place in the world. Struggling to make ends meet, she seeks employment by an escort service despite being a virgin. She meets Brian and they begin a serious relationship. Joe, an old friend for whom Jessica has pent up feelings, keeps reappearing in her life. Joe has... read more

The Way We Make Sense by Dawn Karima Pettigrew

Native American writer Dawn Karima Pettigrew’s “The Way We Make Sense” is the story of successive generations of native people making sense of their lives in a world that, at best, has no understanding of their values or culture. It is first of all the story of the Redpaint family, the patriarch of which is willing to offer his daughter Indiana as collateral for a rodeo entry fee. When... read more

The Golden King by Max Overton

In “The Golden King”, Max Overton draws the reader back into the story of Nikometros, and his love, Tomyra. Alongside Nikometros’ faithful “Lions” and Tomyra’s “Owls,” discover characters that will confuse, hurt, and tantalize. For example, Parasades, the fierce warrior: where do his loyalties really lie? Overton creates spies and political intrigue, wars... read more