Dayspring Dawning by Jeanine Berry

Dayspring Dawning” by Jeanine Berry is the first book in a series based upon the world of Gaea. The struggle mounts between the humans who have newly turned back to the Sky Gods and those who follow the aliens that have come to teach the psiborn how to use their talents to further the human race. Just a few superstitious peasants clinging onto the old ways in fear of change, but is everything as it seems?

Elinna, a young noble woman from Ruther, dreamed of becoming a Perceptor since she was very young. It was her mother’s dream that her daughter would enter the House of Lohenrin and be judged as soon as she was old enough. Her father never approved but, reluctantly, lets Elinna join the ranks of the psiborn on the Midsummer night.

Elinna holds a depth of Power surprising to even those of the rank of Master within the House. She rises through the ranks but not without opposition. Soon Elinna learns that life is never as simple as it seems, and truth depends on your point of view. The story explores her struggle to come to terms with this truth, as well as her choices between her loyalty to the House and the lives of those she holds most dear.

Berry presents the story in the third person perspective – almost exclusively from the viewpoint of the young psiborn noble, Elinna. This leads to a feeling of a linear plotline with little choice for readers to form their own opinions about the characters and their beliefs. The tale would have been better served by a more frequent change of character perspective to give the readers the option to choose their alliances. The strong religious beliefs held by Elinna give the readers a real sense of life within a cult or religion.

Two of the other main characters hold very different views; this would be a more balanced story if their ideals and reasoning had been written in the same personal fashion as Elinna’s. There are several instances in which a more in-depth description of a fantasy phrase or a place would have made the world, as a whole, more believable.

Dayspring Dawning” is a high fantasy with a storyline that delves into the religious and moral implications of one woman’s decisions upon the world of Gaea. The story is well written and has an interesting plotline. Though “Dayspring Dawning” is a little hard to get into because of the linear perspective, the story itself still shines through. This book will appeal to those interested in epic high fantasy with a religious twist. Those who enjoyed “Stargate” might find this tale interesting as it explores similar ideas.

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