Five Star Rating System

Five Stars – Outstanding:

This book was hard to put down-Highly recommended! (Fully developed characters; masterful use of language; engaging plot.)

Four Stars – Very Good:

This book is very enjoyable and well worth the purchase price! (Great story with a minor weakness that may include aspects plot/dialogue/character development.)

Three Stars – Good:

This book was entertaining and should appeal to a wide audience. (The writing and story telling are sound but there may be several aspects that could be improved.)

Two Stars – Fair:

This book did not fully capture the reader’s attention or interest. (Admirable attempt but needs more attention to plot/dialogue/character development.)

One Star – Not Recommended:

This book has major issues with text that outweigh any enjoyment by the reader. (Poorly written; unprofessional editing/layout/printing; needs major revision to deserve the reader’s time.)

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