Paradox by Rosemary Laurey and J.C. Wilder

Paradox” features two tales of breathtaking love despite great odds. Masterful storytellers Rosemary Laurey and J.C. Wilder bring to life two unique looks at paranormal romance. In highly charged erotic stories, they bring to life very different and complex worlds where love conquers all.

Fly with a Dragon” by Rosemary Laurey tells the story of Myfanwy. Dragon attacks have caused Myfanwy’s village to sacrifice members to the rampaging dragon. When she is coldly offered as a sacrifice to a dragon for the better good of her village, she believes that death is the only answer. To her shock and initial horror, the same creature that was to be her killer rescues her. Circumstances are not as they seem, and soon Myfanwy is spirited away to the dragon’s lair. As she begins to learn more about this amazing creature, she finds herself drawn to his society. Arragh, the dragon, tries to assimilate Myfanwy to his culture and people, knowing that she may be the salvation of his race. Can this star-crossed couple get beyond their very obvious differences and save his world?

In J.C. Wilder‘s “Heart of a Raven” Dani is despondent and feels very alone. Her father does not value her, but only keeps her nearby so that she can cook for him. All of her past escape attempts have been thwarted, and she is shackled to their wagon. She longs for someone to love her. When her father’s disastrous night gambling leads to her being sold for his debt, Dani is sure that her life will get much worse. She never expects to be Hakken’s salvation. Can Hakken break down the barriers around Dani’s heart?

The two stories found in “Paradox” will find their way onto many a reader’s keeper shelf. The idea of shape shifting dragons both intrigues and fascinates while Laurey’s wonderfully romantic and erotic love scenes will appeal to both fantasy and romance readers alike. Wilder’s unique spin on the workings of male female relations is a joy to read. The characterization and innovative paranormal romance keeps the reader riveted and hungering from more from the talented pens of these two authors.

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